Training Courses

We are doing our best to improve the technical knowledge of laboratory users as well as the optimal use of laboratory equipment in order to expand laboratory knowledge in Afghanistan.

Our training services include training course on practical laboratory topics that are held in online seminar and in-person classes.

In this regard, training courses can be offered according to the following schedule:


Training Courses Date Capacity Online In-person
Sample preparation training in technology industries  3/14/2022 20 *  
Sample preparation training in food industry  4/19/2022 15 *  
Use of gas chromatography and analysis of gas chromatography analysis results  6/12/2022 10   *
The principles of using liquid chromatography devices, including HPLC and ion chromatography  3/11/2023  10   *
Basics and documentation based on ISO/IEC 17025 standard  7/18/2023 15  *  
Internal audit based on ISO/IEC 17025 standard  1/29/2023  20  *  
The principles of using and analyzing the results of the atom absorption device  8/3/2022  10   *
Solution  and calculations to prepare standard samples in different laboratory techniques  5/13/2023  15  *  
Separation techniques in the laboratory with related devices  9/21/2022  15  *  
Analysis of pesticide residues in food  8/24/2023  10   *
Oil analysis – parameters and standard test methods and related laboratory equipment  6/2/2023  10   *
Analysis of chemical parameters in water and wastewater samples  2/16/2022  10   *
Specialized analysis of water samples including ion chromatography and PAH measurement  4/22/2023 10   *
Basics and principles of preparing Cultivation environment for microbiology experiments  5/26/2022  20 *  
Planning and implementation for periodic visits and maintenance of laboratory equipment  9/19/2022  20 *  
Statistical calculations to control the quality of laboratory results  7/1/2023  15  *  
To reserve and register for these courses, please contact the company by email or call.
Pre-registration and call:  +93-793061643
*If you need special training courses that are not in our list and training calendar, you can discuss the matter with our experts so that they can plan and implement the training course you need.
Check our website because this table is always being updated and new courses are added.
*You can also email us your contact information so that you can be notified that way.