Enrichment is the process of increasing the value of minerals and stones by removing impurities, which is done in the following ways:

Wash: Basically, it is used in the enrichment process of industrial minerals, coal, aggregate, sand and gravel.

Separation: It is often used in the enrichment process of metal and industrial minerals, with high value, and it is usually used as a product in the form of released particles.

Flotation: It is the process of separating minerals that is done in the mineral-water pulp. The surface of the desired minerals is selectively prepared with chemical substances

Magnetic Separation: By creating a magnetic environment or field by a magnetic force (Fm), a gravitational force (Fg) and a tensile force (Fd), magnetic particles can be separated from non-magnetic particles under the influence of magnetic separation.

Leaching: When mechanical methods of separation are not able to separate the metal contained in an ore, washing can be used as a complementary or general processing. Most of the washing processes are a combination of stone crushing, crushing, and in some cases primary enrichment and washing.