.About Us

Afghan Lab Supply (ALS) as a leading company, have made all efforts to provide high quality services for equipping industrial, research and quality control laboratories following the progress of the country by employing educated and exprienced staff..

We are not just a lab equipment supplier. We try to give a professional advice to our customers.
Considering customer technical requirements, test methods, samples and customer budget we offer the most suitable instruments from the best manufacturers.
In this regard, we are doing our best to improve the quality level of laboratory equipment in Afghanistan by communicating with reputable international manufacturers.



Afghan Lab Supply is your best partner for lab Equipment Supply from top Brands with premium quality products.

Afghan Lab Supply

Customer Satisfaction

Our procedures for services are implemented based on international management quality control and customer satisfaction standards.

Order Tracking

You can always track your orders on-line after order confirmation and we will send the weekly reports to our customers. You can always track final status of your ordered items.

Equipment support

Our commitment on guarantee and warranty is directly connected to the manufacturers support and we try our best in this regards.

Technical Expert

Our technical experts are always ready to give desired services in your laboratory.